The original Construction Clients’ Group was founded in the early nineties as an independent client body representing both private and public clients. The Group is a not-for-profit organisation, funded by a number of its client members, and working for all construction clients. At the start of 2017 the group evolved into what is now the Construction Clients’ Leadership Group (CCLG), to reflect the importance of the leadership dimension to commissioning construction services.

Investing in construction solutions remains one of the biggest investments a company or organisation can make. The CCLG is dedicated to assisting members in making such investments as efficiently as possible, with minimum risk and with a quality assured outcome that supports a sustainable industry.

Industry updates



These are unprecedented times for the world and for our nation, and continue to be extremely challenging for the construction industry.

The CCLG are making this a top priority, to facilitate the collaboration of our client members together with other clients, our development partners, contractors, SMEs and suppliers to ensure that, as far as possible:

1) There is access to the proposed government funding 

2) We provide support (in whatever form this maybe) and share our ideas

3) We have a parallel strategy to that of the government and the Construction Leadership Council

4) We emerge from the crisis being able to resume business as usual with our partners

Collaboration with the CIOB

The Construction Clients Group over the years has attempted to drive common standards that all members can apply.  Without common standards individual clients tend to pull suppliers in different directions, causing confusion, increased costs and a great deal of frustration on both sides.


In reality every client business is different to some degree and this invariably results in differing approaches to procurement and engagement with the supply side.   The more informed clients have therefore tended to specify the intent of what they require in the absence of clear agreed industry standards.


The CCLG commenced engaging with Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) client members at the beginning of 2020 and we have agreed to work together to engage the wider client community to demonstrate consistent leadership across a wide spectrum of subjects where clients can make a difference.  These wide ranging topics are addressed through the monthly Best Practice Working Group meetings.


The fight against Covid 19 requires the whole industry to respond to the expert advice given by respective Governments.  The CCLG and CIOB client members are now going to focus all efforts on keeping people safe and minimising the long term impact on all businesses and their employees.



The Group’s purpose is to:


  1. keep people safe and minimise the impact on respective health care services

  2. maintain essential construction and maintenance work, as governments are directing

  3. support access to government funding 

  4. provide support and share our ideas 

  5. ensure companies and organisations have a robust parallel strategy to that of the government i.e. an in-house action plan

  6. share and build upon each other’s innovative solutions utilising Microsoft 365 to share documents and Teams to hold regular remote meetings. 

  7. Escalate issues to the CLC or other relevant bodies where we feel national strategic action is required.

  8. ensure we emerge from the crisis being able to resume business as usual with our partners



Open to any client or client group wishing to participate, either in the meetings or utilising the shared files available. In addition to the CIOB we collaborate with:

Ø  British Property Federation

Ø  Construction Industry Advisory Committee (CONIAC)

Ø  Construction Leadership Council (CLC)

Ø  Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS)

Ø  Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS)

Ø  Local Government Association (LGA) Procurement Group

Ø  Chartered Institute of Building Chartered Building Company (CBC) Scheme

Ø  Health in Construction Leadership Group (HCLG) 

Ø  Trade and professional bodies

Industry updates / Useful links

  •                                    Free guidance for domestic clients on safely dealing with tradespeople

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Health and Wellbeing

Remote Workers/Mental Health and Wellbeing

To support employers, Mates in Mind have developed fact sheets for organisations and individuals in order to help them protect their mental health and wellbeing during this period.

Supporting Remote Working Checklist

Homeworking Mental Health Tips

Mental Health Charity Mind have provided some useful information to help people during this challenging time.


The Mental Health Foundation have offered some useful insights into looking after your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak