Workplace diversity means creating an inclusive environment that accepts each individual's differences, embraces their strengths and provides opportunities for all workers to achieve their full potential. 

Why is diversity so important in the construction industry?


 - ​We know that diversity is a key driver of innovation. Research has shown this to be the case time and time again, including this report from McKinsey that shows that gender-diverse companies are 14% more likely to perform better than non-diverse companies, with ethnically diverse companies 35% more likely to perform better

 - The pool of talent is becoming increasingly diverse, so we are missing out on a huge proportion of the workforce if we focus only on homogenous groups


 - At the same time, there is more diversity across consumers which means that any organisation not promoting equality, diversity and inclusion is neglecting valuable markets, missing out on sales and ultimately losing profits


 - Construction is a major pillar of the UK’s economy, employing around 2.1 million people. 2.9m people are employed by the UK Construction sector, which is expected to grow 2.5% every year for the next five years and create 232,000 job


 - Construction apprenticeships are up 12% across Britain, with government pledging to deliver 80,000 apprenticeships by 2020




Tips for creating a diverse workplace

  • Discuss diversity with your employees, highlighting the benefits of having a diverse and inclusive workplace.

  • To attract diverse groups into the industry, including women, help to improve the overall image of construction as a desirable sector to work in, in particular by ensuring your health and safety practice is exemplary.  

  • Identify and address any unconscious bias in recruitment, retention and promotion.

  • Value individual skills that employees bring.

  • Ensure flexible work options are available to all staff, including comprehensive parental leave policies for both men and women.

  • Be aware of different cultural practices and special needs of employees and make workplace adjustments where appropriate.

  • Take steps to prevent discrimination and harassment.

Useful links & Resources

  • Go Construct - Diversity in Construction - for useful case studies and information about how you can promote Diversity

  • PWC Diversity & Inclusion Survey - helps you to assess the maturity of your organisation's Diversity & Inclusion Programme

  • Report showing what some companies are doing to improve diversity