Addressing the construction skills shortage: why we need action now

A recent article in Construction Online discusses the challenges faced by the industry as it faces a severe shortage of available headcount.

The list of skills-short roles is extensive, and looks set to increase as a growing number of professionals across multiple disciplines head towards retirement.

And with Brexit uncertainty exacerbating the issue – with the potential for firms to lose a proportion of their talent pool – there’s no doubt that the resource situation across construction is reaching tipping point.

The article explores the true extent of the skills shortage and how this can be addressed, and one of the issues to be tackled with some urgency is the lack of females in the industry.

The CCLG is in fact embarking on a long-term drive to understand and remedy the current barriers to attracting and retaining women in construction.

The aim is to work with supplier employers to apply an observation-type regime, similar to the industry's health & safety approach, recognising that regardless of companies having the right policies and executive buy-in in place, achieving grass roots change is required if a real difference is to be made.

For more information about diversity and women in construction visit our Diversity pages.

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