CIOB collaborates with CCLG and issues survey to better understand clients’ needs

CIOB collaborates with CCLG and issues survey to better understand clients’ needs.

In the past few months, the CCLG has joined forces with CIOB to form a collaborative client group that focusses on client leadership in our industry.

The impact of COVID 19 now dominates the focus of the group and has quickly led to the formation of a Covid-19 Client Working Group. The aim is to help the construction industry better respond to the issues raised by the pandemic - and to get that key insight from clients to support the critical working relationships between contractor and clients.

Our group has representatives from companies and organisations across the world, including two CIOB Trustees, and over the past few weeks our work is progressing at pace in three areas:

•The impact of Covid-19 on construction

•Reaching and supporting the client community

•International collaboration

The CIOB wants to engage client members to better understand their needs, both professionally and the support required for their businesses. Specifically, they want to understand how many CIOB members are employed by clients along with some background information on their roles and any work they do in support of the industry.

If you are a CIOB member, please complete this short survey will help CIOB gain the insight needed to build a more collaborative experience.

CIOB Clients Survey can be found by clicking here.

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