The original Construction Clients’ Group was founded in the early nineties as an independent client body representing both private and public clients. The Group is a not-for-profit organisation, funded by a number of its client members, and working for all construction clients. At the start of 2017 the group evolved into what is now the Construction Clients’ Leadership Group (CCLG), to reflect the importance of the leadership dimension to commissioning construction services.

Investing in construction solutions remains one of the biggest investments a company or organisation can make. The CCLG is dedicated to assisting members in making such investments as efficiently as possible, with minimum risk and with a quality assured outcome that supports a sustainable industry.

The CCLG is led by an Executive Group, made up of the following members:


Clive Johnson, Derwent London

Simon Diggle, National Highways

Chris Alderson, CHAS New Zealand

Phil Wilbraham, CCLG

Cliff Jones, Department for Health (ProCure 22) - Co-Chair

Gren Tipper, CCLG (Director)

Gary O'Brien, CCLG (Director)

Jennifer Makkreel, CIOB

Jean Stevens MBE, Duprez Consulting Ltd

Henrietta Frater, The Crown Estate -  Co-Chair

"A fit-for-purpose built environment, delivered by an excellent industry, which delights its clients and end users and adds whole life tangible value."





Leadership & Influence

"The CCLG’s aim is to be considered by industry and Government as influencers and shapers of industry by displaying behaviours and leadership that inspire collaboration and innovation."

  • To be the organisation of choice for information on leading- edge industry practice for clients; A group of informed, intelligent clients who strive to improve their performance in commissioning construction services.

  • To be seen by industry and Government as key to the influencing and shaping of industry strategies and legislation through consistent client leadership.

  • To lead in the continuing development and sharing of best practice within the client community.

  • To enable members to increase the predictability of project outcomes in order to meet their business objectives, and enhance the reputation of the industry in support of sustainable profitability.



In order to achieve its aims, the CCLG will:


  • Work with leading clients to identify and develop best practice and make this accessible to all

  • Support members in demonstrating best value, excellent health and safety management and predictability of outcome

  • Maintain a clear communications plan and website presence that will serve members in meeting their requirements as leading clients, enabling them to demonstrate their commitment to, and involvement in the CCLG, amongst leading peers

  • Proactively support the work of the Strategic Forum for Construction and the Construction Leadership Council to transform the industry and meet the Construction 2025 industrial strategy targets, and CLC Roadmap to Recovery following the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Play an active role in bringing other client groups together, to nurture their ongoing commitment and maintain a single client voice in those areas which benefit the efficiency and standing of the whole industry


In addition to its key focus on growth and influence, the CCLG will continue to:

  • Lead client influence to embed the CDM 2015 regulatory package

  • Provide the information and advice required by clients to improve the delivery of their projects through Digitisation

  • Support clients unfamiliar with commissioning construction activities

  • Champion the health agenda within the construction industry to help make it a healthier industry to work in

  • Represent clients at leading industry body forums

  • Develop stronger client relationships at a regional level

  • Draw other client groups together and champion common themes

  • Champion whole life value decision making throughout the construction process and into operational use through inspired client leadership

The CCLG is represented on
the following industry groups:

Chartered Institute of Builders (CIOB) Client Group & Policy Board

Strategic Forum for Construction (SFfC)

Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS)

Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS)

Local Government Association (LGA) Procurement Group

Chartered Institute of Building Chartered Building Company (CBC) Scheme

Construction Industry Advisory Committee (ConIAC)

Women into Construction

Skills for Londoners Taskforce

Apprenticeship Ambassador Network (AAN)

Health in Construction Leadership Group (HCLG) 

Collaborative Client Forum (CCF)

Supporting Small Employers (SSE)