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The CCLG maintains this website to facilitate the sharing of good practice by members, for others to view and utilise as they deem appropriate, according to their business needs. Users are reminded to carefully consider how they utilise the information found on this website and are advised to seek  appropriate professional advice when in any doubt.

Setting Standards

One the CCLG’s main aims is to encourage a consistent approach to the way clients specify their requirements to the supply side. We aim to achieve this by driving the development and adoption of a set of standards in a number of key strategic areas, encouraging the widest possible client participation to gain commitment and have a real positive impact on the industry.

Industry standards are already in place and working well in certain areas – the CSCS-carded workforce is a prime example of a universally accepted standard.

There are other standards that are promoted in particular sectors of the industry, as well as many best practice guidance examples which could also become classified as industry standards.


As the leading Clients’ group, we have the opportunity to establish a more robust and controlled approach to capturing examples of best practice and developing them into industry standards.

Our approach to standardisation

We are forming a number of working groups, one for each of the key strategic areas listed opposite. The remit of each group will be to review what standards and best practice already exist and focus on arriving at a consistent approach which all clients can confidently utilise.  We are classifying standards into three categories, outlined below.

Get involved and make a difference in your industry

We invite members participate in our working groups, and aim to

have a broad representation from the following client types:

  • Private commercial

  • Infrastructure

  • Utilities

  • Public

Supply side input will also be sought at appropriate times, ensuring a

truly collaborative approach with industry.

Next Steps

We are in the process of appoint a lead and participants for each

working group, and encourage nominations from CCLG members*.

To get involved, please contact

*We anticipate that face-to-face meetings will be kept to a minimum, relying on

telephone conferencing and emails to review progress.

All working groups will be supported by CCLG operational staff, to keep workload to a


Standards Classifications:

1. Industry accepted standards

Outside of legislation, there are few standards produced by industry that are

universally accepted, specified and enforced.  The CSCS-carded workforce is a prime


Where a standard is agreed to be universally accepted, the CCLG will encourage

members to mandate and enforce such standards.

2. Emerging and well established Standards (promoted by leading

clients and suppliers)

Typical examples include CLOCSCCSMates in MindConstruction Commitments.


The CCLG will encourage members to specify and enforce such standards,

taking into account an acceptable timeframe to allow suppliers to produce a

robust implementation plan.

3. Clients’ and suppliers’ examples of valued best practice

These will be posted on the CCLG website where agreed to be of an

acceptable standard for members to adopt or adapt.