Consistent Standards

Setting Standards

The CCLG’s aim is to encourage a consistent approach to the way clients specify their requirements to the supply side. 


The standards we publish fall into one of three levels: ‘Industry accepted standards’, ‘Emerging and well established standards', promoted by leading clients and suppliers', and 'Clients and suppliers’ examples of valued best practice’.  


The CCLG encourages members to share how they use standards and any processes or procedures they deem to be best practice for their business, allowing peer clients to view and adopt or adapt as they feel meets their requirements.  Although all members understand the industry's need for consistency across many subject areas, attempting to mandate a one size fits all approach does not work for our diverse membership.  We do however strive to ensure that we all apply and comply with  the guiding principles contained within the many commitments and pledges that exist within our industry.



Industry standards are already in place and working well in certain areas – the CSCS-carded workforce is a prime example of a universally accepted standard.

There are other standards that are promoted in particular sectors of the industry, as well as many best practice guidance examples which could also become classified as industry standards.

Better Procurement


Health and Safety

BIM Digital Built Britain

Skills and Capability

Logistics / CLOCS


Fair Payment


Modern Methods of Construction