Membership of the CCLG

The CCLG has an ‘open door’ policy and offers membership to any construction client wishing to collaborate or seeking support by engaging with leading client members as listed below.

Please CONTACT US for more information about the benefits of membership and how to join. 

Why become a member?

The CCLG vision is:

‘a fit-for-purpose built environment, delivered by an excellent industry, which delights its clients and end users and adds whole life tangible value’.


By becoming a member of the CCLG you are contributing to the ultimate achievement of that vision, building a network of like-minded clients supporting the work of the Construction Leadership Council in delivering the Government’s Industrial Strategy for Construction.

Specifically, membership of the CCLG will:

  • Give you access to a network of like-minded leading clients

  • Enable you to improve your investment return in the built environment by working with other leading clients to develop and share best practice

  • Provide the opportunity to influence the shaping of tomorrow's construction industry through participation in key forums

There are 3 areas of membership

These are clients who provide financial support to the CCLG. This level of membership offers the most potential for leadership and influencing through participation in key forums, and these members receive a more prominent brand association with the CCLG.


Sponsoring members also benefit from an annual review to assess how they are performing against the Construction/Client Commitments. A value adding benefit for both the client member and the CCLG in capturing leading best practice and sharing with peer members. The CCLG relies on the funding from sponsoring members in order to continue its work.

Sponsoring Members

We encourage all clients that share our values to join the CCLG as a participating member, with no obligation to contribute financially. 

As a participating member, clients can get involved with the CCLG and join meetings and working groups of particular interest to them. This level of membership offers the opportunity for clients to assess the potential value in progressing to become sponsoring members, which offers additional benefits.

Participating Members

Associate members – these are companies or organisations that work with the CCLG, but are not clients. The CCLG welcomes any organisation that shares the same vision and wishes to collaborate to make the industry great.

Associate Members

Participating Members

Sponsoring Members

Associate Members



Gatwick Airport

Grosvenor Estates


National Grid

National Trust

Portman Estate

Yorkshire Water

UK Power Networks


Southern Water

Duprez Consulting

Scottish Building Federation

Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS)

Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB)

The Crown Estate

Royal Mail

Environment Agency

Heathrow Airport

Highways England

Imperial College London

Derwent London

Leeds University

Liverpool University 

Department of Health & Social Care

Legal & General


University of Partnerships Programme




Website disclaimer

The CCLG maintains this website to facilitate the sharing of good practice by members, for others to view and utilise as they deem appropriate, according to their business needs. Users are reminded to carefully consider how they utilise the information found on this website and are advised to seek  appropriate professional advice when in any doubt.