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CLOCS CLP Training

As a Strategic Partner of Construction Logistics and Community Safety (CLOCS), The CCLG supports their aims to reduce the risk to vulnerable road users of collisions with construction vehicles, improve efficiencies and reduce emissions from construction-related vehicle journeys.

Construction Logistics Plans are the golden thread that runs through the CLOCS Standard and their CLP training is delivered online monthly and is suitable for anyone involved with the development or implementation of a CLP.  Whether a planning authority, client/developer or principal contractor, CLP training will provide the knowledge and tools to deliver better and more effective CLPs on your projects.

Effective CLPs require all stakeholders in construction to work collaboratively. CLP training provides guidance and support to help the UK construction industry work together to plan and manage construction logistics to/from sites.

They provide 3 levels of training;

  • Foundation, this level serves as the starting point for everyone. It lays the groundwork for understanding CLPs.

  • Practitioner is the practical part (attendance available only to those who have completed Foundation)

  • Advanced which includes using CLP tool outputs (only available to those who have completed foundation and practitioner)

To learn more about this valuable training, visit their website here.


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