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Industry Updates - 11th July

1. Lower Thames Crossing - use hydrogen powered construction machinery

2. CLC promotes top Tips to conserve water on construction sites

3. CLC Employer Survey Routes into Industry

4. Regulations to implement the first phase of the Responsible Actors Scheme come into force

5. Building Safety Regulator ebulletin

6. CLC Skills Plan Webinar

7. Without skills, businesses bare "driving without the handbrake on"

8. CLC endorses template drug and alcohol policy

9. Help shape the future of BREEAM version 7 consultation and net Zero Carbon Survey

10. Monthly output fallen by 0.6%

11. CLC 2023 Skills Plan Webinar

12. Product Availability Statement

13. CLC publishes updated report into shortage of occupations

14. Business rates improvement relief - consultation

15. Supporting Construction Employers' Skills Investment

16. Diesel to disappear from most construction sites 2035 under new plan

17. Build UK publishes a timeline showing key building safety changes

18. The Construction Leadership Council has welcomed the publication of Our Shared Understanding: a circular economy in the built environment


Public Sector Construction Playbook

Private Sector Construction Playbook

New CONIAC website

JCT has confirmed that the next edition of its suite of contracts will be published in 2024. JCT 24 will feature several updates, including the adoption of gender‐neutral language, and reflect key legislative changes in relation to the Building Safety Act and the Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act. The new edition, which will be available via the JCT Construct subscription service, On‐Demand digital version and in hardcopy, will also include a new Target Cost Contract with both main and sub‐contract forms.

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