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1. BSR Charges Regulations and Charging Scheme published

2. Co2nstruct zero Business Champion attends the Earth shot Summit

3. CLC Product Availability Statement

4. RICS announce RAAC Webinar

5. Monthly construction output down 0.5% in July

6. Latest LPBC Certification update re Kingspan

7. RAAC Guidance and Information

8. Office for Product Safety and Standards call for volunteers

9. Building Safety Update from CPA for product manufacturers

10. DLUHC publishes National Planning Framework for England

11. CLC offers to support UK Government and Building owners to address problems with RAAC

12. Co2nstruct Zero Business Champions opportunity opens for applications

13. Mark Reynolds features on The Infrastructure Podcast

14. CLC CO2nstruct Zero Business Partner, Natwest Group partner with Supply Chain School

15. DLUCH secondary legislation for the Building Safety Act Published and Call for Action from the CLC

16. Department for Education’s - Call for evidence on the effectiveness of CITB and ECITB

17. Build UK payment benchmarking in construction

18. BSR’s New Industry Competence Committee (ICC)

19. CLC response to the extension of CE Mark recognition for businesses


Firefighting foams environmental impact:

You can access the EA guidance on the disposal and storage of Class B foams here

HSE – Building Control: An Overview of the new regime “Gateways 2 and 3 – application to completion certificate”

Reminder - New fire safety guidance comes into force on 1st October 2023

Construction Products Association statement on the use of the EU safety mark

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