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1.     Join the CLC’s Bb-annual report Launch

2.     Apply to become Co2nstruct Zero Business Champion

3.      CLC Green Construction Board Biodiversity Roadmap

4.      CLC Pilot Project to help remove the need of retentions

5.      SME Townhall meeting

6.      Material supply chain Statement

7.      Material Supply Chain Group Statement

8.      Laing O’Rouke launches Building Opportunities Programme

9.      Construction output decreases by 0.5%

10.    DLUHC Planning Consultations

11.    Building safety Update

12.    Boosting Routes into Industry Report

13.    Third and final report A Higher Bar

14.    Building Safety Update

15.    Reporting on Payment Practices and Performance Regs

16.    DLUHC Cladding Safety Scheme

17.    R&D Tax Credit Scheme

18.    BSR and CLC Webinar 10th January New High Rise Building Regime




You can access the EA guidance on the disposal and storage of Class B foams here.


HSE – Building Control: An Overview of the new regime “Gateways 2 and 3 – application to completion certificate”

New CONIAC website

Construction Products Association statement on the use of the EU safety mark



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