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  1. BSR Spring 2024 Newsletter

  2. Building Safety Update

  3. Trade Credit Insurance Survey

  4. Building Control Changes for Higher-Risk Buildings 3 Apr

  5. Approved Document B: Fire Safety

  6. BSR and CLC Webinar 17 April Golden Thread Information

  7. OPSS and CLC Webinar 22 April – The Role of Construction Products in Building Safety

  8. CLC Bi-annual Review 2023 and Plan for 2024

  9. CLC Updated Recommendation on Industry Card Schemes

  10. The New Regulated Building Control Profession

  11. CLC Material Supply Chain Group Update

  12. Eligibility for Transitional Arrangements - Building Control

  13. Building Safety: Culture Change in the Built Environment

  14. Registration of the Building Control Profession - Transitional Arrangements

  15. Opportunity to participate in the information Management Mandate Review

  16. Construction output increase 1.1% January

  17. Product Platform Rulebook Update

  18. Apply to become Co2nstruct Zero Business Champion

  19. CLC Green Construction Board Biodiversity Roadmap

  20. CLC Pilot Project to help remove the need of retentions




You can access the EA guidance on the disposal and storage of Class B foams here.


HSE – Building Control: An Overview of the new regime “Gateways 2 and 3 – application to completion certificate”


New CONIAC website

Construction Products Association statement on the use of  the EU safety mark


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